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AIRFLUX Micro Filter

Precise and Comprehensive
Reliable and Durable
Easy and Trouble-free Maintenance




Precise and Comprehensive
Compressed air systems are widely used in many manufacturing companies and have been associated to one of the most crucial power source. The air produced by the compressed air systems usually contains dirt, water and other unwanted particles that can substantially jeopardize your production process resulting to an extremely higher maintenance cost.

Airflux Filtration Microfilter provides a solution to the above problems by removing oil, water and other unwanted particles in your compressed air system. We designed our filter housing to suit different ranges of compressor. Thus, it will prevent oversizing and save you unnecessary costs. With capacity of 34 Scfm up to 1625 Scfm, our filter housings are able to support up to 220 kW (300 hp) air compressors.

Reliable and Durable
Airflux Filtration Microfilter has been tested to ensure that all of them are in compliance with compressed air requirements and safety. Airflux Filtration Microfilter is coated with epoxy powder paint on the outside and anodized surface treatment on the inside for maximum corrosion protection and to extend its lifetime.

Easy and Trouble-free Maintenance
Airflux Filtration Microfilter adopts simple and reliable design. The filter housing is designed with a push on element for easy and fast replacement with minimum free space under the filter without tie rod. Airflux Filtration is designed without the tie rod to avoid these following problems:

The wearing out of threads on both the endcaps and tie rods preventing replacement possibilities.
Leaking and by-passing due to improper tie rod installation.
An Increase of airflow resistance due to the tie rod.