Kobelco Turbo Oil Free Compressor

High efficiency
Energy savings
High reliability
Easy maintenance



270~640kW Class
Discharge air volume 48.0~121.7 m3/min

Turbo Compressor with dramatic energy-saving and maintainability expand the range of achievement.

High efficiency

Thanks to the most advanced aerodynamics technology by KOBELCO, new titanium impeller has been developed. lt achieves 5% better efficiency than conventional model and equivalent to the 3 stage machines by 2 stage.


ITCS mounted to increase the power and energy savings

The computer manages optimum load/un-load operation, and self-diagnostic system to avoid sudden failure. And also this cam manage the maintenance interval to increase the maintainability.

You can operate the machine with just pressing the Start/Stop button with its sophisticated user-friendly interface.

5% better efficiency than conventional model, thanks to precise machined Impellers and low pressure loss coolers.

High reliability

Simple 2-stage construction allows fewer parts (less 1 cooler and 1 pinion from 3-stage machine). Since there is no auxiliary motor except Main motor, less possibility of stop from motor trouble. In addition, rigid one-piece cast iron cooler with gear box decrease its vibration.

Easy maintenance

Superior capacity control valve

No instrument air is required.

Automatic drain valve

Highly reliable electric type drain valve is equipped as a standard.

Built in type air coolers

Simple one-pass type plate fin coolers are equipped. Water flows in tube side for easy cleaning.

Substantial options

Totally enclosed noise cover (Noise level about 75 dBA)

Low noise specification without cover (about 85 dBA) can also be available

ED series energy-saving dryer

Rotating absorbent dehumidifier that utilizes exhaust heat
● Energy saving-type that requires no electric heat, steam or purged air to regenerate the absorbent.
● Complete unit-type that saves space.

Stainless steel cooler

● SUS304 tube and SUS tube sheet.
● Cupronickel or other materials also available (option)

Exhaust cleaner for oil mist

High performance oil mist cleaner promise pure clean oil free air.
Recovered oil will be returned to gear box without any pollution.

Electric power limiter

In case that there is no need for flow increase in winter season (character of turbo compressor), energy consumption and start-up current can be saved with continued suction valve control.