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    We offer a variety range of products and services for industrial equipment, as well as for office, laboratory, workshop, hospital, training and educational centre. We are able to provide the right instruments and pragmatic systems base on our extensive experiences in engineering works especially in air compressor. Our air compressor brand as Euro Screw air compressor, Hitachi air compressor, Air Zone air compressor, Kobelco air compressor, Airman air compressor, Airgens air compressor etc.

  • Besides that, we are a service oriented company committed to provide the needs of our customer by providing quality products and services. So it helps us to save the time and money,

    We are committed to creating an environment base on mutual respect, sincerity, fairness and responsibility which each and every one of us can contribute to our success by recognizing their contribution. Our service personal has over 20 YEARS of experience servicing Hitachi air compressors.

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